What is the main Role of language in Parent Child Interaction

Language is the only basic tool for communicating with others. So learning language is great achievement of child. The purpose of this research was to identify the effective role of parents and effect of mother interaction and socio economic status.

The researcher investigates that effective interaction of parents encourages child to learn language effectively. Maternal warmth and acceptance plays important role in this learning period. Children acquire language of their siblings. It is also seen in this study that socio economic factor also effects child’s learning process.
Research was quantitative in nature. Population of this study were parents and siblings. As a research tool questionnaire was designed. 50 questionnaires were distributed to parents and siblings. Then data was analysed on computer by SPSS software and representation was in the form of pic chart. In the light of analysis of the sstudy it is found that about 90% of respondents were agreed that children learn effectively when parents interact with them through playing, reading and talking.89% respondent were agreed that socioeconomic status of family also effect child’s learning process.

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