How To Build Up Confidence In Your Child’s?

Chatting with children is a great way to give them lots of examples of how to use words to convey ideas and get information. When parents /adults speak to children make up the language “input”. The more input adults give to children the more opportunities children have to learn how to express themselves and understand what others are saying.

Example: By talking on daily routine such as ‘We are washing our hands.’ ‘We are making lots of big bubbles’.

2 Be a commentator:

When you comment on actions or events, child will learn how to use language in daily routine.

Example: Give detail descriptions of what you or the child is seeing or doing. Comment on daily routines like hand washing, eating or diaper changing. Describe activity to your child.



3 Mix it up:

Talking to children is one of the important ways through which adults can help them to learn language. When parents talk with children, they make “input” in their brains. Children take that input as model for how to talk. The more types of language input children receive, the more their language skills will develop.

Example: During meal time or playtime use different vocabulary and uncommon words.

‘I have a big appetite.’ ‘I am eating a lot of food today.’

Use language that have multiple clauses. ‘Put that blue ball in the red box under the table.’

4 Label it:

When parents label or give name to different objects in front of children, they learn how to use words and may be more likely to use the same words when trying to communicate with others.

Example: pint to or gaze at an object while saying the name. ‘Look Cat is there.’

5 Tune in:

Children are usually curious about the world around them. When they want to know about something answer them attentively.

Example: Tell the name of the object r describe the activity on which child is focused.

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