How does your parenting style and Literacy environment affect your child’s development?

Parent –child interaction have an undeniable effect on developing children. Parenting style include parent’s interaction with children warmth, care, love, acceptance specially mothers attention.  Lack of parent child interaction separates child from parents and effect language development process.

Parent warmth is associated with many positive outcomes in later childhood and adulthood including better memory and language development. If mother child interaction is not positive or mothers have highest amount of negative control strategies had children who use shortest sentences and limited vocabulary.

Hart and Risley (1995) found major differences in the language proficiency of children from higher SES and low SES families. Other researcher also found substantial SES difference in language proficiency for children, beginning early in life. White (1982) found some evidence that the relation between SES and academic achievement diminishes with age. However Smith & colleagues (1997) found that effect of family income on achievement among seven year olds were similar to the effects on intelligence for three year olds

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