How does socioeconomic status affect Language learning Of child’s?

Chronic, long -term poverty or low socioeconomic status is negatively associated with variety of mental and physical negative outcomes. Socioeconomic status influences brain development. When children grow in such environment where there is poverty, it effects their language development and other skills. Such condition in home environment create stress and instability in family.

Socio economic status remains a topic of great interest to those who study children’s development. This interest comes from belief that high SES families provide their children goods, parental response and social connection that provide them benefit but children from low SES lack such resources and experiences that put them at risk (Brooks-Gunn& Duncan 1997).

The interest in socio economic status as global building persist despite evidence of wide ranging variability of what children experience at all levels of SES, despite evidence that the relationship between SES and child wellbeing values as a function of geography, culture and recurrence of immigration, and despite evidence that the relationship between SES and child wellbeing can be disrupted by disaster and internal disasters.

Through better income level parents can provide better opportunities/ resources. Although there is general notion that income, education and occupation together represent SES better than any of their alone (White 1982). There are a lot of researches on relation between SES and health (Adler et al., 1994).Data on children is somehow less complete. But is has shown effect of SES start on child before birth.

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