Easeus Martiton Master Full Version

Partition Master Free can resize, move, merge, migrate and copy disks or partitions; convert to local, relabel, defragment, verify and explore the

to divide; much more. A premium update adds free tech support and the ability to resize dynamic volumes, but the free software more than meets the standard.

needs of most home users.


  • Replace old drives with new SSDs and run your system faster.
  • Back up your system and restore it quickly in the event of a disaster.
  • Optimize hardware performance and store data more efficiently.
  • Speed ??up SSD performance with optimized partition alignment.
  • Convert MBR system disk to GPT, GPT system disk to MBR.
  • Create primary logical partition, primary logical partition, FAT partition on NTFS, MBR disk on GPT, or GPT disk on MBR.
  • Convert between primary / logical partition, MBR / GPT disk, dynamic / basic disk and even FAT and NTFS file system.
  • Restore deleted or lost partitions in unallocated space even when Windows does not start.
  • Fully manage disks / partitions from command prompt with simple inputs.
  • Clean up junk files and large files that take up a lot of disk space and optimize disk performance with defragmentation.
  • Quickly repair a RAID-5 volume when a member drive cannot reduce business costs.
  • Create bootable media to boot your PC and manage partitions on drives without a Windows operating system installed.
  • Easily manage virtual disks created from free space in a Windows environment storage pool.
  • Line up all sectors to optimize SSD when launching; use the full capacity of your SSD.

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