Early years are the most developmental period in life

Research continuously shows that the brain develops at very high rate during a child’s early years, and is at highest levels of plasticity. As a result during this period children are especially sensitive to external stimuli such as type of interaction with adult.

According to Edward Melhuish, case studies showed that some disadvantaged families gave a very effective early home learning environment and this was very important factor in their child’s later success. Improvement in the home learning environment of financially and socially disadvantaged children would be main focus for policy to increase children’s development in the first few years of their life, so as to support their later academic and social achievement through their lives.

Environment has critical role:

During these years of children development not only adult’s interaction matter but environment also plays vital role in which children are growing. The foundation of learning depends on the comforting and stimulating environment provided by family.

 Family plays central role:

While various factors influence children’s learning, the home environment also shapes them. Families play central role through activities. The family’s influence is even stronger during first two years, when children need constant care, attention, supervision and timely interaction. Children who have fewer interaction with their parents (e.g. reading with children, playing with children, narrate stories, number/ letter activities and drawing etc.) have low cognitive and social skills.

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