Dxtroy Full version

Dxtory is a video capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL applications. Since the data is acquired directly from a surface buffer, it is very fast and works with little load. The Dxtory codec can save the original pixel data as is. You can get the best quality from a lossless video source. The first bottleneck in capturing high bit rates is the speed of writing to storage. If it is an environment with two or more storage, the write speed can be improved with this function. It is not necessary to use a special file system. Multi-select the folder that saves the data and the preparation will be completed if the speed adjustment is made. Like game sound and a microphone input, two or more audio sources can be recorded simultaneously. They are saved in a separate sequence each in an AVI file, can be edited individually later. Capture data can be accessed as a video source from the DirectShow interface. It can be specified as a streaming video source. Third-party VFW codec is supported. The user can choose the preferred video codec. The screenshot can be saved in different formats.



  • Lossless grip
  • Drafting of the distribution
  • Recording from multiple audio sources
  • Supported VFW Codecs
  • DirectShow output
  • Take a screenshot



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