Corel Painter Full Version

Create your signature style with PainterĀ®. Draw, paint, illustrate and create unparalleled photographic art with hundreds of lifelike brushes, exclusive media and a variety of artistic tools. Painter 2021 is as diverse as your imagination. Create your masterpiece in stunning reality using renowned Dry, Wet and Blend media. Enhance your illustration using papers, flow maps, patterns, textures, gradients, etc. Stylize any image or photo with artificial intelligence and easily turn photos into paintings with powerful auto cloning and painting tools. Define eye-catching compositions using the Divine Proportion, Layout Grid, Perspective Guides, and Mirror Paint tools. Personalize Painter by customizing the user interface, custom palettes, brushes, and media. The Enhanced Brush Accelerator is more intuitive and evaluates your system’s CPU, GPU, and memory to optimize application settings for better performance. Add depth, texture or movement to your art that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional media. Experiment with a paint that will flow, melt, absorb, and evaporate like the real thing. Choose from hard variations that reveal texture to soft mediums that glide over to cover just when you need it. Physically inspired brushes sprout, flow and shine while dynamically beautifying your canvas.
Some of Painter’s most beloved brushes give luscious strokes in the mind of John Singer Sargent. Paint from blank canvas or create stunning artistic photos.
Create your own brushes, textures, patterns, palettes and more. Enhance your paintings with amazingly creative brush packs.


  • Thick paint
  • Watercolor
  • Chalk / Pastel
  • Particles
  • Sargent
  • Patterned pens
  • Airbrushes


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