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Claris FileMaker offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating, sharing, and accessing your custom applications, including integrating those applications with your other systems. This is how the components fit together. Build robust apps faster than ever when you bundle plugins. Instantly add calendars, kanban boards, responsive photo galleries, and more. You’ll discover a whole new way to easily include extended functionality in your applications, without the need for advanced coding knowledge. Just drag and drop and you’re good to go!


  • Plug and play power
  • Drag and drop prebuilt plugins for instant app development. Add charts, calendars, Kanban boards, activity schedules, etc.
  • From zero to the cloud
  • Build apps directly in the cloud without configuration or deployment.
  • Drag and drop design
  • Use an intuitive graphical interface, flexible design tools, built-in templates, and plugins to quickly build custom applications.
  • Importing data
  • Import existing data into a FileMaker application, including CSV, Tab, XML, and Microsoft Excel files.


  • Easily produce summary reports and executive dashboards with built-in reporting tools. Save information in Excel and PDF formats.


  • Use predefined script steps, script triggers, and calculation functions to quickly create custom code that automates human tasks. Includes server side scripts to automate your system.

Advanced development tools

  • Use the Script Debugger, Data Viewer, and Database Design Folder to more efficiently develop and deploy custom applications.

Learn more:

  • Create a custom application with Claris FileMaker

Mobile AI

  • Use smart technology like Core ML for things like image classification and sentiment recognition, Siri shortcuts for voice interactions, and NFC reading, all on mobile devices.


  • Quickly build and deploy personalized iPad and iPhone apps in hours or days.

Native iOS functionality

  • Includes built-in support for GPS, barcode scanning, signature capture, iBeacon devices, iOS sensors, and more.


  • For use with Xcode to convert FileMaker apps to native iOS apps. Deploy apps using mobile device management (MDM).

FileMaker WebDirect

  • Deploy custom applications natively in web browsers. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

Encryption of the database

  • Use 256-bit AES encryption for stored data of all kinds including videos, audio files, PDF files, etc.

SSL encryption

  • Data is encrypted in transit between FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker clients. Automatic provision of SSL certificates included.


  • Use Claris ID, a single sign-on system, to authenticate users. Includes support for multi-factor authentication. Supports authentication through external identity providers, including Okta and Microsoft Active Directory.

Privilege sets

  • Set permissions, down to the field level, that determine the levels of access to custom apps.


  • 24 hour monitoring by expert CloudOps, SecOps and DevSecOps teams for maximum performance and threat protection.

Learn more:

  • FileMaker Security Guide
  • Claris Cloud Services Security

JavaScript integration

  • Add fully integrated JavaScript in a web viewer. Take advantage of popular libraries to easily add maps, motion graphics, data visualization, and more to your custom applications.


  • Use the FileMaker Data API to connect to other applications and web services. It comes with a built-in connector for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.


  • It supports Claris Connect, a cloud-based workflow automation service.

CURL support

  • Create detailed HTTP / HTTPS network calls to request JSON data from other applications through the REST API.

JSON functions

  • Use built-in functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.

ODBC / JDBC support

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