Bulk Image Downloader 5.9 Full Version

Crack Bulk Image Downloader is an application specially developed to help you download full size images from almost any gallery or web forum. Advanced Settings: BID has a lot of advanced settings for things like JavaScript processing, handling redirects, and more for those deceptive galleries that thwart BID download attempts. We would be happy to help you with this setup if you get stuck contact us. Bulk Image Downloader Crack Generate Filenames – Optionally create your own sequenced filenames for image hosts encoding filenames, Export galleries as HTML or BB Code – Quickly generate suitable gallery code to paste into web forums. Full Size Images: BID uses an advanced heuristic scoring method to locate full size images. This means that BID can work automatically in most galleries, without requiring user configuration. Image Host Support: BID works with almost all popular image hosting sites like Flickr, image place, image fap, ImageShack, image bam, etc.


Social Networking Sites: BID supports downloading albums from sites such as Facebook, myspace, and Twitter-related hosts such as
Batch Download – Automatically download from huge gallery URL listings through the built-in queue manager.
Bulk Image Downloader registration code Reddit web browser integration: BID integrates with IE, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Right click in your browser window and select “Open current page with BID”
Web forum support: BID can parse multi-page discussion threads and quickly extract all image links
Multi-page gallery downloads: BID can detect and download immediately from the most popular multi-page web galleries.
Password Protected Websites: BID will ask for usernames and passwords if the website requires them.
Downloading Videos – Not Just Pictures; BID also supports downloading VIDEO from directly linked video files (.avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mov, .flv, .mp4, etc.)
Embedded Images: In addition to locating and downloading full size images, BID can also download embedded images on a page.
Sequenced Image File Names (fusker): BID supports “range” URLs for downloading sequenced images.
Image validation: BID checks each image to make sure it was uploaded correctly. Invalid images are
automatically retried.
Resume Downloads: BID will resume downloads from the point where the connection was interrupted.
Multithreaded Download: BID can download up to 50 images at a time. Download these galleries quickly!
Redirection Resolution: Some sites use image redirection “services” like Image Cash, URL Cash, etc. to display advertisements before redirecting them to the image host. BID automatically resolves these types of links.
Filename Disorder: BID will retrieve correct filename from image hosts by encoding filenames (if possible) such as image income, fap image.

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