BackBlaze 2021

BackBlaze automatically finds and backs up your photos, music, documents, and data. So you never have to worry. Instead of spending time picking files and folders to back up, you have more important work to do. That’s why BackBills for Windows automatically backs up your data and constantly finds new and modified files in the backup. Install this software and never worry about losing the file.

After a winter of hard work inside the back lease (and outside), we are excited to announce that the spring release of the B2 cloud storage platform is over. We’ve expanded our ransomware and security concerns, added key new partners, improved performance, and more. Below you will find a brief summary of what is in the new release, followed by more details if you want to go in depth.

 There’s a lot to open up in new releases – but our overall goal was to add your benefits, while keeping things simple: S3

Compatible Object Lock: Offers quick and improved protection against ransomware and human errors, without the need for coding.

Object Lock Legal Hold: Supports indefinite file for compliance and retention requirements – no additional coding is required.

Server Side Encryption: Increases data security with ease, with different options for those who do not want to take full control of key encryption.

Cross-Original Resource Sharing: B2 enables cloud storage content to be securely rendered from another website without any hindrance.


Every online backup program says they are easy to use. It has almost become a clutch. But the tool really wanted to be true from start to finish. The install experience is an example. This allows the user to select a group of file types and search for the folders they want to backup. Most users do not know where all their files are stored on their computer. “Also, we didn’t want users to remember to go back and edit their backup list whenever they created a new folder. Sure there’s going to be some backups, but the ease of use and peace of mind is worth it.


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