ArchiWIZARD Full Version

ArchiWIZARD Crack allows a link with all the BIM solutions on the market thanks to a direct import of the IFC format. ArchiWIZARD is responsible for the automatic creation of the energy model (rooms, walls, bays, thermal bridges, environmental elements) from the digital architectural 3D model. This common energy model is used to power all of ArchiWIZARD’s simulation engines. Thermal simulation from your CAD / BIM model has never been so fast and intuitive! The software for the optimization and the regulatory validation of the energy and environmental performance of the building from the sketch to the completion of the works, in new as well as in renovation, in direct connection with the digital BIM model.

ArchiWIZARD Serial Key 3D interface brings great ease of use and increases your efficiency during your simulations and analyzes. The ergonomics of the 3D model and the numerous data setting features combined with the dashboard of real-time results ensure optimal productivity and effective decision support. Avoid unnecessary re-entries: all thermal, solar, lighting and regulatory simulations are carried out on the basis of a single 3D model.


  • Automatic information of all the parameters relating to the building and the environment (measurements, solar masks, walls and windows
  • Generation of the Standardized Thermal Study Report (RSET) for the filing of building permits and for the completion of works;
  • Detailed study report for an exhaustive description of the elements of the project;
  • Library of generic equipment, complete prepared solutions and V Titles;
  • Control of compliance with labels (Effinergie +, etc.);
  • Generation of DPE Construction results;
  • Generation of the results necessary for the feasibility study in energy supply.

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