Month: December 2021

Early years are the most developmental period in life

Research continuously shows that the brain develops at very high rate during a child’s early years, and is at highest levels of plasticity. As a result during this period children are especially sensitive to external stimuli such as type of interaction with adult. According to Edward Melhuish, case studies showed that some disadvantaged families gave

Development of language and Social cognition

He thought that development occurs in stages and children learn to perform different tasks at different ages. As opposed to this Vygotsky believed that: For development of cognition there must be interaction between child and world around him .Hence, cognition develops in interaction with society it is understood as social cognition. After the birth of

Stage of Pronunciation In Toddlers

Toddlers use variety of speech sound. But they do not pronounce them as adult say them, For example: child say ‘tar’ instead of the ‘car’ or he might neglect the end of words altogether like ca instead of car. Older toddlers still find difficulty with sound like r, v, s ,h, f and sh.  There

Parental responsivenes

Parental receptiveness include support, love, care and attention that parent show towards their children. Parents who encourage their children, answer them properly, play with them are emotionally attached with them. But parents who have more control over their children and show their power by punishing them, by insulting them or by ignoring their needs and

Parental approach On Child

After the child’s birth a continuous process of mutual interaction between a child, his adults and social environment starts. The relationship formation and interactional patterns in later life directly depends upon the early developmental years as these years are foundational period of child. Initially children are not able to say, request or ask something, so

Role of Interaction before Language

Before communication with words there is a long list of things a child must learn before communication. And these pre-language skills are best learned in one context with in the fun back and forth interactions the child has with adults in his or her life. When a child has a language delay usually speech therapist

What is the main Role of language in Parent Child Interaction

Language is the only basic tool for communicating with others. So learning language is great achievement of child. The purpose of this research was to identify the effective role of parents and effect of mother interaction and socio economic status. The researcher investigates that effective interaction of parents encourages child to learn language effectively. Maternal