Month: December 2021

Language Gap

Observation for the Measurement of the Environment) inventory. The HOME inventory investigates the maternal warmth, play material, role of parents and verbal responsivity. Stable Rich HLFs have the greatest effect on kindergarten literacy skill. Early HLF influenced Kindergarten’s vocabulary and knowledge. These Kindergarten pre reading skills determine these reading skills at grade 2.The HLF is

How does your parenting style and Literacy environment affect your child’s development?

Parent –child interaction have an undeniable effect on developing children. Parenting style include parent’s interaction with children warmth, care, love, acceptance specially mothers attention.  Lack of parent child interaction separates child from parents and effect language development process. Parent warmth is associated with many positive outcomes in later childhood and adulthood including better memory and

Effect of SES on cognitive and academic achievement – Parent Child Relationship

There is relationship between SES and intellectual and academic competencies. Mc Call (1981) presented evidence that the association between SES and cognitive performance in infancy. Many studies showed that poverty and low parental education are connected with lower IQ level and school achievements later in childhood (Alexanderet al. 1993, Bloom 1964, Duncan et al. 1994,

How does socioeconomic status affect Language learning Of child’s?

Chronic, long -term poverty or low socioeconomic status is negatively associated with variety of mental and physical negative outcomes. Socioeconomic status influences brain development. When children grow in such environment where there is poverty, it effects their language development and other skills. Such condition in home environment create stress and instability in family. Socio economic

How To Build Up Confidence In Your Child’s?

Chatting with children is a great way to give them lots of examples of how to use words to convey ideas and get information. When parents /adults speak to children make up the language “input”. The more input adults give to children the more opportunities children have to learn how to express themselves and understand

Can A Learning Of New Language Affects A Child’s Development?

According to Social theory of language development, research has suggested interaction between child and caregiver is of primary importance with responsibility mostly lies on adults who guides about language learning process (Burner, 1975, 1983; Vygotsky, 1978). In this child is active participant who learns to affect the behaviour of other through active response (Bates, 1976;

How does maternal affection affect a child’s behavior? And What is maternal Behaviour

A mother can greatly influence child’s growth and development physically, mentally and emotionally. A mother’s physical and emotional presence provides babies with two things: protection from stress and emotional control both of which are important to healthy brain development and child’s future well- being. Wolf and Wolf studied infants who are raised without their mothers